Cold Drink in Hand

As a writer, you’ll need the motivation to keep going at all times. But most importantly, you need a support system you can trust and count on. Being an experienced writer, Liv has a group of writers she can lean on. The group has regular meetings where they discuss matters pertaining to writing and it’s like they’ve vowed to never start a meeting before taking a cold drink together.

In line with the requests from her group, Liv has purchased an outdoor cooler to make sure everyone enjoys a cold drink during the meetings. Here are some of the best options she had to consider before settling on one.

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Best Choice Patio Deck Cooler

This cooler is good looking and it offers a perfect solution for several outdoor activities. Whether you are thinking of a dinner party, sports events, barbecues and birthday parties, you’ll find a lot of convenience in this cooler. For ease of access to your drinks, it comes with a double lid top. In addition, you won’t have to worry about can openers since it comes with an onboard opener. Take a look at some of the features of this cooler here.


  • It has a solid build with a powdered finish to ensure you’ll enjoy using this equipment for long
  • It has a drain plug that makes cleaning an easy and enjoyable task
  • The cooler weighs 40LBS only and the design dimensions are 15.5 × 36 × 33
  • It has an 80-quart cooler
  • Although the finish is quite good, the design isn’t that impressive and somehow appears cheap

Igloo 49271 Lighted Party Cooler

Igloo is widely known for their expertise in making coolers and this model gives you the opportunity to experience their expertise. This stylish cooler features an innovative lighting system that lights up the contents in the cooler to give a very impressive view. Besides the cool illumination, it also helps you see the contents clearly. The clever drink divider is very useful for keeping the drinks organized. Here are some features for this Igloo model.


  • It comes with an exclusive Igloo LiddUp system that illuminates the cooler but it runs on AAA batteries. Maybe it would have been better if they were rechargeable.
  • The lip is removable to help in full access of drinks but keep contents cool when closed
  • It has some drink dividers for easy separation of drinks. This works very well if you have several people with different preferences and tastes.
  • If you want to go somewhere with your cooler, it has some mobile-ready casters that you can use to safely secure it.
  • It is multifunctional with a detachable base that facilitates using it as an ice chest and the insulated body ensures your drinks stay cold
  • The draining plug is leak resistant to make sure contents don’t spill all over the place. Also, the design adds some ease of cleaning and you can even attach a garden hose to drain on your garden
  • The integrated bottle opener comes with a bin designed to catch the caps

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Orca 58-Quart


  • This unit is well insulated and it performs well in maintaining temperatures. When packed with ice, it retention duration extends to seven days beating most of its competitors.
  • In terms of durability, the Orca is designed to last long and it even comes with hinges that seem to bear any kind of overuse. In addition, the lid is quite solid with latches that are sturdy and resilient.
  • The handles are comfortable and it’s made from a combination of rubber and nylon for durability. When carrying it, the handles move fairly and they don’t cause any unnecessary imbalance in weight or pinching.
  • Although the lid does a good job in securing the contents, it has a tendency of slamming back when not supported. Also, there’s some splashing when unscrewing the drain plug.


When choosing the most appropriate outdoor cooler, you need to consider factors that are most important to you. Based on preferences and equipment features, the Igloo 49271 was the most appealing option. Although it has a few down sides like the AAA powered lighting system, it is also an attractive design that is serious in its class. In addition, the fact that it’s a rolling cooler eliminates the need of constantly lifting it off the ground. Since the purchase of this equipment, the group has experienced numerous benefits increasing motivation to write. Besides, it’s pretty cool to illuminate the whole space when any one opens the cooler to grab a drink.

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